The fascinating world of an Orange!


So, the summer’s finally come to a close for me and it’s been an interesting one. My mum wound up going on vacation at the beginning of this month, leaving me to take care of the house in her absence.

Now, let me tell you, I have never known the painstaking amount of work it is to take care of yourself and the house. Where I spent days on end doing nothing, I now have to do chores…what a crazy concept…which leads to a more depressing concept – this is what life is going to be like once I finish my schooling.

I’ve always wanted the parentals to leave me at home and not bother me but quite frankly, I don’t want the added responsibility. I don’t want to have to do the laundry, cook for myself, clean the bathroom, vacuum every other day, wipe down stuff that collects dirt…why would anyone want that? I guess it’s back to the saying ‘When you don’t have it, you want it. When you have it, you don’t want it.’

Before I absolutely *had* to do any of these things, I would want to. I’d make myself food and clean and do the laundry. Now, it’s just more chores and more time away from whatever silly thing I would’ve done if I didn’t have something on my now never-ending ‘To Do’ list.

Anyway, I must say that I had a blast this summer and at the end, got a taste of how living at college would be. I’d somehow have to balance everything and while looking forward to the experience, I’m nervous and anxious…can’t have anything below an O, now, can we? [For those of you, non-Harry Potter fans, an O is an Outstanding – the best ‘grade’.] Also, let the record show that the last Harry Potter movie was fantastic, even though it wasn’t exactly like the book.

So, how is college living like? And have you ever missed the ‘rents when they left?


Just a funny comment here – I usually have related articles listed at the end of my posts since wordpress so conveniently suggests some pertaining to the content of the post and let me tell you that all of the articles are related to Harry Potter so no related articles for this post! xD



Last night, I was at an award ceremony commending students on their excellence in their chosen fields. The speaker on excellence said that excellence requires persistence, brilliance, and humility. The speaker is a Yale graduate and a recognized musician around the world, I think he knows what he’s talking about.

It got me thinking how many renowned people have these characteristic. My first thoughts went to Marie Curie. I also related it to Melvin Tolson and a close friend of mine.

So, anyway, my first – Marie Curie:

  1. Persistence is personified by her. In a time where women had absolutely no recognition or respect, she succeeded.
  2. She’s painfully brilliant – she was the first person to get two Nobel prizes. She achieved this without the technology available to us now so I have to say, she’s pretty darn fantastic.
  3. Humility, now, this is speculation. I can’t imagine arrogance getting to her nor can I imagine her success going to her head. In every documentary about her, she seemed like a very introverted and brilliant mind – which is fantastic, she makes a great role model.

Second is Melvin Tolson [Just as an aside, I know I could have picked countless others but I just wanted to do Melvin Tolson]:

  1. How difficult is it to get black students to succeed in the south? This man was extremely persistent, he was even imprisoned but he did not give up in his fight to get these kids to succeed and to make a dent in the treatment of blacks across the country.
  2. Honestly, he wrote some of his students’ arguments for them and knew the philosophies and ideals of many geniuses before him.
  3. This is solely based off the movie but he never did flaunt his accomplishments. Although being arrogant could have been the end of him, I just like to believe that he was an inherently grounded, humble person.

The last but most certainly not the least is my friend:

  1. With a very basic education, he entered the field of computer science and with the help of some awesome people, he learned and mastered the field. So much so that he basically lived and breathed various languages. His persistence in learning what he was and still is interested in led him to so many fantastic opportunities and success that, at one point, seemed too far fetched.
  2. Brilliance, in my eyes, is personified by him. He was able to grasp everything thrown at him and put all the information to use to become successful. Many intelligent people have knowledge, they simply tend to not apply it.
  3. Oh, I can’t even imagine him being immodest or having false pride. Heck, I don’t think the thoughts of showing off or arrogance even cross his mind. In my eyes, he’s kind of like a sweet 5 year old boy who’s fond of sharing and loves to make friends. He has used his money to start two schools! I wish I have the means to do that one day.

Anyway, the above three are excellent people and there is a lot to learn from them. Who do you find to be excellent? Yes, I’m aware of MLK and Gandhi. There’s always someone in your life who does personify the characteristics and is excellent so if you care to share, feel free.

Summer break!

So, I was blessed with the perfect way to start off this summer! The day I finished my finals, I had received some fantastic news from Cornell making me super duper happy and I literally had no worries following that so my summer can basically be spent following my ridiculous new schedule! Now, my schedule is pretty nuts. I don’t think I’ve ever been this freaky over the last few breaks. The last few breaks were unproductive little things where I got 12 hours of sleep and did zilch the whole day. I’m happy with the new schedule, it makes me happeh!

– Wake up between 8 – 9:30 AM
Oh lord, how weird is this? I didn’t even wake up that early when I had class. It could possibly be because I no longer feel like rebelling or just that I’ve been going to sleep super early.

– Walk the dog
Short workout there, it’s really nice outside now so why ever not and my doggie will love me more and I’ll get some fresh air and meet some really funny morning walkers.

– Waste time til Lunch time
This one has two parts, if I’m told to do some random chore, this is the time to get it done so it’s not total time waste.
On days when someone else is home, con them into eating out and if not, just eat in and enjoy the food. Also, around lunch time is technically around 11:30 or so because I don’t have breakfast and get hungry around then.

– Walk the dog
This time, it’s to walk off some of the heaviness from the food. Also, this one’s only 15 minutes or so since it’s super hot outside. If it isn’t, it’s a little while longer.

– Read a book, play with the shnazzy new tablet, or work on MCAT studying
That’s all up to me. I’ve got three hours following the dog walk to do whatever.

– Walk the dog
A regular walk when it’s slightly cooler, around 4:30. It’s a great way to just take breaks, get some tan lines, and fresh air.

– Waste some more time!
This time, I’ll spend watching Bones when I get the opportunity or Big Bang Theory online! Criminal Minds is a show I love too but that’s reserved for late nights – which I have not been up for lately.

– Around 10:50 or so, sleep time.
I’ve just been super sleepy by late evening and it’s a great schedule to follow. I don’t think I’ve gone to bed this early in the last year and a half without anything to wake up for in the morning. It’s wonderful!

I’m hoping to make this summer a truly relaxing summer and also, I still want to spend a week where I wake up at 6 PM and sleep at 6 AM or something like that – be nocturnal for a while.

I haven’t posted in a while! But, that’s only because of exam. I hope to update more often!

So, if you’d like, let me know what you do over breaks and what your schedules are like! 😀

Stress and Relief

Let me just start by sighing. I was so stressed out about an exam today that I was literally freaking out for a while last night and I freak out very rarely over exams.

So, there I was, trying not to rip my hair out and trying to somehow memorize like 40 reactions and reagents and mechanisms. And at one point, I was all, ‘Screw it, I am so not going to study. Let me see the bare minimum I need to get for it.’ And my brother said, get a 100/120 and you’ll keep your A. Ugh, lose only 20 points…that’s balls!

I printed out notes and memorized away for hours and did the sample exam and memorized mechanisms 20 minutes before the exam and guess what? I was the first one out but I know that I won’t have the highest grade since I just checked my notes for one of the answers and may have lost points for some idiotic over analyzation of the question.

So, this is shout out to one certain person who worries over every exam…You’ll be Fine! [My signature line when someone’s worried.] You’ll be so fine that you’ll do well and kick yourself for remembering TOO much information.

See below for my how to study for exams tips! Procrastination will not be the end of you and yesterday, I vowed to never ever again skip lecture or procrastinate on work and trust me, I will so totally end up doing just that and vow again, only to repeat the cycle all over again because we’re just that cool.

Relax, take breaks, eat some chocolate, read your chapters, know the concepts and take the exam…what’s the worst that can happen if you don’t do well? You won’t graduate with Magna Cum Laude? Well, then, let me tell you one secret…graduate school care about your MCAT scores and extracurriculars too and getting a 3.85 instead of a 4.0 ain’t gonna kill ya, sweet pea.

Shopping Tips

I loathe shopping, it’s boring and pointless. I’d rather just go to the store, buy what I want for a certain occasion and get out but obviously, that ain’t the smart move.

So, I’ve figured out a few ways to both shop smart as well as have fun.

Point A: Take a friend! Friends are like little rays of sunshine you can goof off with while shopping and you can always critique them on their clothes while they help you by doing the same.

Point B: Know what you’re looking for! Whether it’s grocery shopping or clothes shopping, I tend to just stuff things into the cart when I go without a goal or list so now, I figured out that it’s TONS easier to plan ahead.

Point C: This one is kinda nutty and it’s what made me think of writing this post…look at the clearance racks. A month ago, I was shopping and noticed a shirt that I adored but I decided not to buy it because it was bloody $56 and it was only a shirt. When I was there just two days ago, guess what? The same thing was for $5.60! How fantastic is that? And they had all the sizes available. I voiced this to a friend who works at a department store and she said, “Yeah! And go back in two weeks and it’ll be back at $56. It’s the way most of these stores work.” My jaw dropped. I saved $50 by waiting, how cool is that? Not that the $50 is going anywhere important but really…it made me rethink the idea of buying whatever is on display.

Point D: Before checking out, definitely look through your cart. There are things that I like in the dressing room but then, when I look at it an hour later, it’s only ok. Shops for things you like and continue to like because things that you describe as ‘Eh…it’s ok…’ will probably sit at the back of the closet!

Point E: Take a camera while dress shopping. One of my friends does this and it really does work for her. She usually tries the dresses on, takes a picture and sends it to friends. Of course, this is assuming your friends reply to your texts immediately or even receive multimedia messages. By buying a dress that’s both flattering and well-liked by her friends, she was more than content the night of the party.

Point F: Wear Sneakers! It’s vital. Honestly. You’re buying stuff and even if you know what you’re looking for, your bound to be at the store for an hour unless you’re a quick decision maker – which most ladies are not! So, wear comfy shoes so you can roam around and try numerous things on to decide something and say, “Yes! This is most definitely it.”

Point G: Just have fun. It’s pretty darn important to staying in a store looking at item after item for hours.

Half a Point H: Clothes that you don’t wear and that just sit somewhere collecting dust, just donate them. Really. I clean out my closet each year with my mum and we always find stuff to give away so other people could use what you’re not using so give it away.

Sorry about not posting in a while. I couldn’t find anything to ramble about aside from Organic Chemistry and Public Speaking – one of the topics, I’ve already written about!

Public Speaking

FEAR OF PUBLIC SPEAKING…How many of you have it?

Honestly, I had absolutely no idea how nerve wracking public speaking really is. I’ve spoken in front of a crowd before, but only crowds of about 20 or 25 people and I knew about five or six people personally. These experiences were fine, not scary at all and I got done with it without hesitation.

Lately however, I’ve been having to speak in front of numerous friends, I’ve realized that it can be pretty darn scary. My cheeks heat up and my voice shakes. I know it isn’t visible to anyone else – since I’m Indian, a blush is nearly invisible unless you’re right next to me and my shaky voice is barely audible. Sure, these work to my advantage after getting through a presentation but during, it just adds to my stress which is rather inhibiting.

I’ve found that a few things really do help – previously, I thought they were bollocks.

So, the whole look at one person while speaking does work! A few presentations ago, I focused on one friend and although I was nervous, it helped me through it since she made it her aim to maintain eye contact and look very interested.

Take a sip of water to take a break. Sometimes, I choke on my words (figuratively) so I made it a point to have a glass of water by me while speaking. It helps just alleviate some of the tension and helps me gather my thoughts again so I know what to say.

Look over the heads of the people. Ah, that so helps too. Although they’re your friends and colleagues, it’s difficult to look at their faces or you feel awkward looking at just one person so look over their heads, go into dream land where you’re talking to the wall, get through it confidently, smile at them, take questions, and walk off. You’ll be spectacular.

Personally, what helped me the most was forgoing note-cards or notes pages and just memorizing my presentation. It boosted my confidence in the subject material and I feel rather idiotic standing up there saying ‘uhh…’ or ‘um…’ so it’s good to just breeze through it. Brevity is also key. Speeches are supposed to be long but keep the individual points simple. The better your explanations, the less questions you’ll receive and the shorter the time you’ll have to spend in the spot light.

I applaud people who have the perfect voice and don’t stutter through their presentations because by god, it is a pretty difficult task – not only knowing your topic inside out but also being capable of talking in front of so many people. So, anyway, those are the things that help me through my presentation, leave a comment to let me know what helps you!

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So, have y’all ever had a total entire utter lack of motivation to do anything at all?

Even if you have a project due in a week that could determine your semester grade or even just to workout? All you really want to do is laze around…

Well, I’ve been going through this phase where I really just want to sleep or watch tv or play games all day long but then that guilty feeling hits the back of my mind and it tells me to study, complete the presentation, workout, get up off my butt but do I listen to it? LORD NO.

Finally, I straightened up my back and forced myself to work on my research and walk a little. Well, after it being so totally boring, I decided to walk the dog in pouring rain and got my motivation back. How weird is that? My brain entirely shut down and then boom! it came back. Maybe it’s because I’ve been oh-so-stressed about hearing back about my transfer applications.

I asked a few friends what they do when they don’t feel up to anything and some of the responses I received were revolting. One of them forces himself to do his work and whatever through his day and apparently, it works for him because he wants to have fun and the forcing somehow transmutes into fun…which is nuts. Another just takes breaks often, while also pushing herself, but during breaks she has the most lazy/fun – whatever she’s in the mood for – and then goes back to work a little refreshed and satisfied that her life is not all work and no play.

I think the burn out is odd and ought to not happen. But, what do I do to avoid it?

I’ve come up with a wonderful hypothesis which is currently being tested. We go through our week as usual, work work work until we fall, but on every Saturday, there will be a minimal amount of work and more fun so we can have a satisfactory or excessive (your choice) amount of fun that will last til the following Saturday.

Expected Results: No burn out and constant happiness along with motivation as getting down with most of the work during the week will give you less to worry about on your Saturdays! 😀

Actual Results: Experiment currently underway (I shall update in 1 month, after my finals are over)!

And also, what motivates you to get through a day when you’re feeling rather blah?